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Logo designed by Aivan Nguyen

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The Moonlight Feminists exists so that we can grow as feminists in a safe and supportive environment. 
A Festering "Fuck You"

A Festering "Fuck You"

Would I mean less if my words were uttered through chipped teeth?
Visible be the cracks of my beauty.

Is my pretty

Because I’m looking in the mirror but there’s nothing.

More nothing than white girl pretty
nothing says hello to women like the smirks of boys when they

hey baby

Is my face currency for kindness?
Is a wrapping paper smile tearing this mannequin apart from the outside in?

Do you notice?

How celestial woman weight is splitting gums
when smiles act as blowjobs

and thank yous
the hymns of my sisters
echo in rooms only carrying your voice.

You speak at me,

Watch in anticipation as my mouth sews itself shut.

Remembering to side eye my self-discipline and praise me
until my fuckability becomes the shimmering halo I can’t wash off.

It feels like glue.

Can I tell you about something?
Something you don’t know about.

I can’t move the way you do
consciously coded is my body
categorised as feminine rather than human
silence my greatest gift you punched into me.


ignore me if my upper lip is hairy
forgive me if my period offends your genitals
warn me when my makeup looks whore-ish
teach me when my mind wanders from you

Oh fuck,
there’s something in my eye,
Is it you?



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