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Two Doves

Two Doves

TW: homophobia

The feeling sits in a certain part of my chest
Locking below my sternum
It feels like my stomach is dropping
But can't get far down
Because it's faced with an uncomfortable nausea
That swells beneath my lungs

And then I feel silly
That my body has such a reaction to something so petty
I hear the words of my mother
"It's stupid anyway"
But I also see her brow crease down
Hiding the dark ring around her pupils that tells me
It might just hit her in the same place

I sit up the back of an engagement party
My other mother by my side
Our arms are crossed
The feeling now sits over us
Pulls us together and away from the room
Tears are shed
Beautiful words about families uniting
A new life beginning
But to us the scene is blurry and muffled
Seemingly underwater
Meaninglessly occurring in another world

We feel bitter
Scowling at someone else's happiness
Feels ugly
But it isn't
Our happiness would grow and embrace you
If only we could have it too

This family
Of 15 years
We feel love for each other
Every day
How can you tell us
That the hard times we've been through
The times we've comforted each other
The times we've held each other's hands
Are lesser

Less than your love
Which even two years old
And pressured by the arbitrary laws of the church
Is seen as the real thing
Deserving of celebration
Of recognition
Of societal approval

My mother's scowl
Her snide sarcastic comments
Her eyes rolling coldly
I can see why you'd take offence
But can you imagine opening that envelope
Seeing that thick romantic cursive, spelling:
"We would like to invite you to join us for..."
A demonstration of what you are being denied
Because your love is wrong
Because it doesn't fit the mould
Because someone somewhere decided that we didn't have enough hate in the world already
So decided to target love
Killing two doves with one stone

I flick through your registry
Bowls, vases, bedsheets
Evidently things that lesbians have no need for
A church bursting with smiling faces
Little girls wrapped in flowered dresses
Just like the one I never got to wear
Vows pour from your emotion filled mouths
My mothers' vows have been relegated to their support of each other
When bigots piss in their petrol tank
When their fathers say "don't you dare tell your sister you're gay"
When jeering men spit at them as they walk hand in hand
To the realm of young queer kids on bridges and sleeping on streets
Of electric shocks and imprisonment
Of sterilisation and execution
By saying yours
You make sure they keep saying theirs
Your ignoring injustice stitches you into the seams of the wrong side of history
Your holy house
Is our holy hell
So stop saying God bless you
And please don't expect us to smile
Because the river between us is wide
And only you can swim.






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